Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Collection Crush - Cath Kidston Budgies

What happens when you take Cath Kidston's pretty and vintage styling and add the adorableness of budgies?

You end up with my perfect collection of items - that's what! I'm not sure how long this collection has been available (I've been very slack in my stalking of the Cath Kidston website recently!) but I know that I have to own a few items from it.

Here are my favourites...

1. Big Budgies Boudoir Cushion

2. Big Budgies & Bright Daisies Letter Writing Set

3. Big Budgies Embroidered Peg Bag

4. Budgies Vest and Shorts Set

I think my absolute favourite has to be the peg bag. I've just treated myself to a new washing line (I know, I know - I like to live life on the edge) and this bag would bring a little bit of budgie magic to laundry days - perfect!

I'm now going to go and self-analyse why it is that I love things with budgies on so much!

Bye for now!
Kat xx

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