Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Collection Crush - Cath Kidston Woodland Rose

It's been a while since there has been a pattern collection at Cath Kidston which I've loved enough to want to invest in. My bank account has been very happy with this, but I've missed having any Cath Kidston kitsch to add to birthday and Christmas wish lists. However, with the release of the new ranges this has all changed. There are some truly lovely new items. I have a sneaky suspicion a few of my Collection Crush posts will be Cath Kidston related! For today I thought I'd share my overall favourite pattern - Woodland Rose. The pattern comes in two slightly different colour ways - with an emphasis on either red or yellow.

Here are my favourite items with a red focus...

1. Sausage Dog Shaped Dish - I mean, seriously, could a dish get any cuter? I have no idea what I'd serve in it (Banana Split maybe?) but I'm not sure that functionality has a role to play when it comes to dog shaped serving devices!
2. Bento Box - This would make my lunches much prettier to eat
3. Soup Flask - I'm not sure I have enough soup to warrant a flask but it's so pretty!

And my favourite items with a yellow focus...

4. Glass Tumbler - I'm decorating my lounge in blues and yellows at the moment and am now dreaming of serving people drinks in matching glasses (any excuse to buy new glasses)
5. Digital Scales - Pretty and practical
6. Leaf-Shaped Dishes - I love the idea of serving all kinds of retro party food on these - so incredibly pretty
7. Gola Trainers - These are going on my birthday wishlist without a doubt - I'm normally a fan of super practical trainers but these are too cute and perfect for more laid-back wanderings

I'm really happy to have some Cath Kidston items to drool over again whenever I fancy a spot of cyber window-shopping (is that a thing)? I've also just found out that my home town is getting a Cath Kidston pop-up shop - hurrah!!

I'd love to hear if you have any favourites in the new ranges.

Bye for now
Kat xx

Monday, 3 August 2015

Motif Monday - I Am Groot

James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy found a place in my heart after the first viewing - by the third viewing I was pretty sure it was one of my all time favourite films. Seriously. I went to the cinema to see it three times. That's a record for me. As it turns out, the third time was the evening before my (now) husband proposed to me so that has added an extra layer of happy attachment to it.

It's now the films one year anniversary as it was released a year ago in cinemas across the world. In that time - this little big fella has definitely become one of my most loved characters. Quite an achievement for a character who has a three word vocab. I love his sense of family, loyalty and friendship though - and his love of nature. Oh, and his big heroic act (which I won't spoil for anyone who hasn't seen this yet - although - what do you mean you haven't seen it yet? Go watch it. Now!) has me in tears every time. 

So if you're a Groot fan like me here's a little motif you can cross stitch to add some Groot love to the world. I haven't had a chance to stitch him up yet as I've been finishing a project, but I'm hoping to get him stitched up in the next couple of days.

Until then here's the pattern - nice and simple, although with a few half stitches thrown in to give him his shape. He just requires two different browns and a black, so hopefully not too taxing on your floss stash!

If you have any questions about the pattern just let me know. If you use him at all don't forget to post a link to your completed project!

We are Groot!

Happy stitching xx

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Time more

Gorgeous Vintage Clock for sale by CirceCollectables on Etsy

Well hello. That was quite the long time out, wasn't it?

I've mused on starting a whole new blog, so embarrassed am I that it's been so long since I posted, but I'm quite attached to my little space in the blogverse. I could write a bit of a thesis on the past year, but I'm not sure it would be fun to write, and I have no doubt it would be even less fun to read. Instead I'll attempt to sum it up in 10 words...


They're in no particular order apart from the last two. I'm now a Mrs. Our wedding was the most perfect and lovely day - it was everything we had hoped and more, and it was spent with the best group of people. The Mister and I have been together for a fair while so I hadn't expected life to feel different after the nuptials but it really positively does. I had so much fun planning the big day too, I think it reignited my love for the more creative side of life. Hurrah!

I've opened a little shop on Etsy selling vintage stickers which has been lots of fun and has helped me break down my fear barrier about selling on Etsy so I have quite a few plans brewing away. Hopefully they'll be ready to share soon!

I'm still working on my plans for my little blog but I feel fairly safe in saying it will involve lots of craftiness, some more free cross stitch patterns, the sharing of pretty things I'm drooling over and general and oftentimes random wonderings.

So you doin'? ...Oh did I mention I've been watching Friends on repeat? (although that's not why it's a word on the list!), it may have inspired one of my business ideas, however.