Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The inevitable resolutions post...

Adorable New Year's Resolution print by HappyTown USA on Etsy

This should definitely be everyone's number one resolution.

So here it is, my inevitable list if resolutions to see me into 2013. I say inevitable because I've made a list for so many years now it's pretty much a tradition. One of the first lists I can remember was when I was thirteen and it was contained within the first page of my brand new diary (which I believe had a cute fluffy kitten on the front and a not-so-sturdy padlock to keep parental eyes out on the side). I'd love to find that list again and see what 13 year old me was resolving to do...probably kiss whatever boy I had a crush on at the time and keep on top of my homework.

Although life is a bit (lot!) more complicated now I've decided to keep my resolutions simple. I'm really looking forward to 2013 and these resolutions all link into the places I want to focus on the most.

1. Spend more time with loved ones - can you believe I even need to have this as a resolution? It should just be a natural part of life, but I tend to let other pressures get in the way. I don't intend to make that mistake any more :) 

2. My project 52 number 1 - Finish crafting one item for my home every week (more on this in a later post)

3. Stick to a training regime for the 25k charity walk I've signed up for in May (what the hell was I thinking?)

4. Meditate at least once a day - I think this may be an essential part to all my resolutions as it really helps me to clear my head and focus. 

5. Project 52 number 2 - do one DIY project in my home every week (however small!)

6. Read at least one book a month and track what I read through Goodreads (I really want to find my inner bookworm again...I'm not sure where she disappeared to but I miss her!)

7. Spend more time blogging, and less being sucked into the time chasm aka 'the Internet'. I genuinely love writing this blog and love the different crafty and creative people I've met online, so I want to focus more time on that side of online life, and less on the rabbit warrens I wander down which eat time and give nothing in return (online gossip sites, wiki and unfriendly forums...I'm looking at you!)

That's my list for 2013...I'd love to hear yours!