Friday, 14 April 2017

That Friday Feeling - Thirteen Reasons, Cows and all the Music

My Friday Feeling this week is that I still feel a little bit under the weather, have had some pretty rubbish news and I'm in great need of some lovely things to distract me.

It's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, and I'm planning to use it for some catching up with loved ones and maybe (just maybe) getting some productive things done. I'm chomping at the bit to finally get an online shop set up for selling general trinkets/ pretty things/ crafty supplies, so I'm also going to try and give myself a kick up the backside to get things moving. If anyone has some tips on how to motivate yourself to do something that is scaring the crap out of you then I'd love to hear them! are a few things I've been loving this week...

What I've been reading...

The Cows by Dawn O'Porter. I'm only 30 pages in and already completely caught up in the lives of the women in the book. I truly believe in the #don'tfollowtheherd message that is linked to the book - there are too many messages pushed at us every day about how we should behave, how we should look and what path we should follow in life. It's something that is really resonating with me at the moment - to the point where I'm going to see if I can push myself out of my comfort zone and do some blog posts linked to the subject.

I'll do a full review of the book when I've finished I am really loving Dawn O'Porter's writing style and the characters are completely abosorbing, so I can't wait to get back to reading this evening (which is quite a rare occurrence for me these days.

What I've been watching...

Thirteen Reasons Why has been the most heartbreaking watch. I feel like everyone is talking about it at the moment - but if you haven't heard of this Netflix show then be warned that it is truly a difficult watch, and tells the story of Hannah Baker, a girl who has committed suicide, and the reasons that led up to her taking her own life. This show should be compulsory viewing in all schools, and although it's set in high school there are messages for people of all ages. The acting is absolutely superb throughout. I came out the end of the 13 hours a teary and emotional wreck - but with a renewed commitment to doing as much good as possible and being constantly mindful of how my actions might impact on others.

What I've been listening to...

For the past couple of weeks, the question is more what haven't I been listening to. I've subscribed to Apple Music and I'm now in awe at the amount of music at my fingertips. I think I've listened to every album from my childhood along with every album I've been a little bit interested in for the past ten years. And don't even get me started on how much I love the alternative rock 90's playlists. Amazing. It has made me realise how much our access to music has changed though. I used to save my pocket money, carefully chose one album and then listen to it on constant repeat for weeks. I cherished that music. To suddenly have access to so much music was a little overwhelming at first (yep, I sound old. As I'm writing this I am sat here realising just how ridiculously old I sound, and yet I can't stop...) and it made me wonder if albums are still cherished in the same way. I'm going to tell myself that they are.

Right, it's time for me to retire for the evening with my copy of The Cows, a blanket, and full acceptance that I am an old lady whose mind has been baffled by modern technology.

Wishing you all a very happy and relaxing Easter.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Collection Crush - Easter Tableware at Marks and Spencer

I don't really decorate for Easter. Which is ridiculous really...chicks and bunnies and pastels...oh my. Marks and Spencer may change that this year when it comes to Easter dinner...because the gorgeous retro prints on their Easter plates this year are so ridiculously cute and nostalgic. Here are a few of my favourites from their Easter range this year (follow the links for more info)...

1. Easter Side Plates

2. Leaping Bunny Sticks

3. Bunny Candle Holder

4. Easter Egg Platter 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

On Catching Bugs...

Adorable print by TheNerdyFamily on Etsy

Soooo...yeah...I've been battling a really tough virus for a few weeks now - honestly not sure at this point what it was, but it left me really tired, dizzy most of the time and just feeling generally 'bleugh'.

Sorry for the silence around these parts. I've been wiped out most evenings and not able to write a coherent sentence (I know, I know...what's new?). I'm really happy that I'm starting to feel more like my old self..and itching to get back to blogging...and crafting...and...well...anything really!

As you'd probably imagine, things have been fairly quiet at home so I have very little to report. I have been catching up on some TV so I'm planning a post on some of the best of those. I've been totally out of the loop with new Spring home ware releases, so I'm going to go and catch up on those...and try to resist splurging by writing some Collection Crush posts instead!

This post is just me dipping my toe back in the the past I've found that after I've been away from my blog for a little while for whatever reason it can be hard to get back into writing - it feels like a failure. I'm not going to fall into that pattern this time. It's not a failure, it's a temporary blip!

Take care for now, and I'll see you very soon!


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday Best - Wearable Sewing Accessories

I'm spending more time on sewing and embroidery projects at the moment to try and help with keeping calm (I find trying to move house so stressful!), so I love the idea of having accessories that are also functional! Here are a few pretty but functional sewing accessories I found in my online travels...

This is the items that inspired this Sunday Best collection. A gorgeous leather bracelet that is also a tape measure? Yes please! You can find this bracelet and lots of other absolutely lovely sewing accessories over at Beyond Measure

This needle minder ring by Frozen Star Handmade on Etsy is a perfect and pretty way to make sure I stop losing my needles (which I do more than I care to admit). 

This thread cutter pendant from Sew and So is equal parts retro and useful...and I'd never need to worry about losing my sewing scissors again (yep...that also happens more than I'd like to admit.

And lastly...this pincushion ring by TeenyTinyVintage on Etsy is also really pretty and useful...I love the fact it comes with two tiny floral needles as well!

Ok...I'm going to go and do some embroidery now (if I can just find my sewing scissors and a needle...)

Bye for now!


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Collection Crush - Thornback and Peel

My love for animal themed prints continues and this week I'm very happy to have discovered the gorgeous prints of Thornback and Peel. I couldn't decide which print I loved the most (bunnies...pigeons and jellies...hens and carnations...too much amazingness) so I've picked my favourite 4 prints. If you'd like to find out more follow the links below. I'm starting to build up a bit of a homeware wishlist in case we do buy a new home (which is something I'm equal parts scared and excited about) and some of these prints are definitely being added.

1. Blackbird and Bramble

2. Chicken and Carnation

3. Rabbit and Cabbage

4. Pigeon and Jelly

Bye for now!


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday Best - Pancake Day!

So it's Shrove Tuesday this week...which means it's Pancake Day in the UK...woo!

I flipping love pancakes (see what I did there? wasn't subtle).

In honour of this most tasty of days this Sunday best is dedicated to the little yellow pieces of yumminess, and all items (and photos) are from Etsy.

Stitchrovia is my favourite Cross Stitch designer on Etsy, and this pattern is no exception.

I love the design of this plate by jimbobart so much...perfect for eating pancakes on!

Can't get enough of those flipping pancake puns? Then this adorable card by Buttonbela is for you!

Just looking through the gorgeous pieces of jewellery in NeatEats is making me hungry...and this pancake necklace is no exception! Love the little heart shapes of butter.

And lastly...this cute print from FreyaArt suggests that making pancakes is super easy.

I should be getting some house tidying done right now...but instead I think I'm going to go and research pancake toppings...that's time well spent...right?

Bye for now!


Friday, 24 February 2017

That Friday Feeling - Good Smells, a Bellabeat and some Billy on the Street

Friday...Friday...gotta get down on Friday...(yep...that song is going to be stuck in my head forever now)

I'm so ridiculously happy it's Friday this week. I intend to revel in every single lovely minute of the weekend ahead. Before I get started here's a few things I've been using & loving this week...

What I've been..smelling...

I found this range of candles by Urban Apothecary in my local Boots and have been a little bit in love with smelling them ever since. I bought the Carrot Cake and Mint Creme scents but also have Bakewell Tart, Custard Cream and Lemon Meringue on my wishlist...they smell so good I think they're actually helping my diet and keeping cake cravings at bay!

What I've been wearing...

I treated myself to a Bellabeat after hitting a health related was a little 'yay me' present for myself. I haven't stopped wearing it and tracking my steps, sleep patterns and meditation habits. I think I'll do a full blog post on this little gadget at some point but I've been so impressed and it's definitely helped me keep my stress levels in check this week.

What I've been watching...

I love every manic inch of Billy Eichner. I think I would panic and run in the other direction if he ever ran up to me in the streets - but I can watch his clips for hours through the safety of youtube!

I have a weekend of viewing houses (we're thinking of moving home...scary and exciting all at once!), crafting for a craft swap and getting some jobs around the house finished (because...ya know...potentially selling our house) so nothing super exciting but I'm really excited to get started. For now it's time for sleep (if someone could teach me the technique to get my cat to stop using me as a trampoline in the middle of the night that would be fantastic).

Whatever you're doing this weekend I hope it's a happy one.

Bye for now