Monday, 5 May 2014

BEDM - Cinco de Mayo

A little post for today's 'Blog Every Day in May' prompt - Cinco de Mayo. The prompt has encouraged me to do a bit of reading about the day, and about Mexico and I've discovered a fact I never knew - chocolate originates from mexico. Amazing. So not only do we have Mexico to thanks for delicious enchiladas, the gorgeous Salma Hayek and oh so cool Sugar Skulls and - we can now add chocolate to the list.

I know these earrings are more Dia de los Muertos than Cinco de Mayo but I bought them yesterday as a present for someone and thought they tied in quite nicely.

I picked these up at the event I went to yesterday but the person who made them can be found here: Kaotic Handbag.

Bye for now (and be back later with today's free cross-stitch design)
Kat xx

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