Saturday, 10 May 2014

BEDM - World Fair Trade Day

My original plan for the 'Blog Every Day in May' prompt for today was to talk about some of my most favourite fair trade products (like Divine Chocolate ...yum!).

However, one company kept appearing in my list of loves...and that is Lush, who have fair trade and all things ethical very much at their heart.

Before I start I should confess that Lush are my most favourite company of all time...their products are gorgeous, they have the most lovely staff ever, they originate from the same home town as me and they aren't shy about talking up about the things they believe in.

Pretty much all of my daily-use beauty products come from Lush - their products have sorted out many a skin problem for me and I'll always be grateful for that!

I was hoping to do a bit of a Lush haul post for today but I'm not going shopping until tomorrow (bad timing)!

So instead I thought I would share a couple of my most favourite products which contain fair trade ingredients, but with a caveat to expect more posts about Lush in the future!

Imperialis Facial Moisturiser - This is my go-to daily moisturiser. It has a subtle smell of lavender and completely balances my combination skin.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion - This product smells like peppermint heaven and is a very welcome treat for tired feet - it got me through some tough times training for a marathon walk a while back!

And lastly - American Cream - the fair trade vanilla in this heair conditioner gives it a gorgeous smell and I use as a little hair treat every now and then - it leaves my hair so very soft!

So that's my top 3 for today - lots more of Lush to come. I'm growing more and more interested in ethical make-up as well as other beauty products so hope to be able to write more posts on the topic soon.

Bye for now!
Kat xx

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