Friday, 31 December 2010

2010...The year that was

Cabochon images from The Blythe, however, is mine (eee!)
Yep, so I blinked and missed 2010. I must have because I truly can't seem to recall what I've done with this year. It hasn't been a bad year...but I can't seem to shake off the feeling that I should be doing more. I guess that's where my resolutions come in. I've been thinking about them for the past week or so (hurrah for time away from the office!) and have done a lot of exciting planning about some of the things I want to do...but more on that tomorrow.

Back in October I made my first post with four simple goals I hoped to achieve by the end of 2010. So how did I do?

1. Start a blog (and perhaps most important - maintain regular posts!) - well I did this...kinda. I at least got as far as starting a blog...further than I've got before. I just need to give it a structure and post more regularly with things that are actually useful/ interesting. The posting I have done has been incredibly fun so it is definitely something I want to do more of.

2. Watch one new film every week - Now this I've done...and because of it I've watched some great films that will be on my ever-growing list of films I adore. Some of the best? (500) Days of Summer, Predators, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, A Christmas Story and Coraline...little gems of magic, every single one

3. Learn to crochet - I can't believe I still haven't done this. I have the book...the hook and the wool but after my first disastrous attempt I haven't had the motivation to go back and try again. However, there are many super cute creatures waiting for me to create them so it's going on my list for next year.

4. Change my surname back to my maiden name - Now this I've done - best decision ever...I still have some places to change my name...but I'm getting there and it feels good 


So all in all? Not too bad. My crochet hook is judging me...but that's about it. I'm really looking forward to 2011...I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about...possibly because it will be the year of the Rabbit...seriously...fuzzy bunnies...what's not to love?

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Moomin Maths

I'm stuck in the spiralling panic of realising that I've left making everyone's Christmas presents until the last minute at the moment.

I mean - thinking 'hey I'm going to make presents, not buy presents this year' was all very lovely but apparently it had escaped my attention that I would actually need to make the time for Christmas day.

Still, before I return to the panic...and stitching Motley Crue onto a notebook (don't ask) is a little piece of sheer joy. I can't even tell you how happy this sum makes me...





Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd providing the voice of Moomintroll in the new Moomin movie which seems to have been created in a beautiful vintage style? 

It literally doesn't get any better than that.

Right...back to my spiral of panic I go.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Batman and his Pug

I love Pugs. I'm not sure when the switch was turned on in my brain that has led me to worshipping at their little Puggy alter, but it has happened, and I do love them so.

Owning a Pug is on my 'to do in the next ten years list', but I don't think it will happen in the near future. So for now, I amuse myself with watching clips of Pugs on Youtube, clips like this...

...which I make Nick watch approximately 10 times a day...leading him to draw little pieces of genius like this...
Yep...Batman and his pug. I love this more than I can ever say.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The worlds most owl-tastic calendar? I think so!

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

My obsession with owls has always lingered in the back of my mind but over the past couple of years it has pushed itself to the front, and those little fuzzy dudes with the giant eyes are slowly taking over my life *shifty eyes*

So imagine my glee when I stumbled upon this blog. Imagining it? Now imagine what happened when I discovered the Owl Lover 2011 Calendar - with a selection of images from some seriously amazing artists.

Now go...ensure that every month of 2011 is as owl-tastic as it can be. I'm off to decide on which 12 images to include...not easy.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Roll up for the Hoopla

My current most favourite past time is designing embroidery hoops. Who would have thought that a simple embroidery hoop could hold such delights?

I thought I'd share the hoops I've made for Craftster swaps so far. I have a few planned for Christmas as well...that is if I ever get round to actually making any Crimbo goodies instead of planning them. So here goes...

First off I made this for the Gnome and Mushroom very first hoop attempt.

And next...for the Cephalopod swap, here's Monsieur Octopus chilling out

And Madame Cuttlefish, feeling fancy with her bow

Lastly, for the Hoopla Round 2...

For a fan of the seaside (the little flags are strung on a seperate piece of string so can be re-arranged, I'm quite proud of how they turned out)...

And what to make for a fan of sheep and goldfish? Well duh...a snorkling sheep of course...

And a close up of the sheep because I love how woolly the french knots ended up looking...

I have at least..erm..a squillion ideas of hoops I want to make at the moment so will post some more piccies soon :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Big day for the little man

So Bob the cat is also known as Little Man. I'm not sure where it came from but it just suits him. As does Bobert, Squig and any number of other names he gets called on a daily basis. I'm sure other pet owners do this...right?

Anyway, today we bought Bob a new addition for his wardrobe and I had to post a pic because he just looks so damn gorgeous in his new scarf.

They had matching leg warmers. I managed to resist, but for how long?
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Sunday, 7 November 2010


I had to post a pic of this little gem...bought today from Mr Buns in Plymouth. It's the aptly named Edward cupcake. And boy was it yummy. There were no sparkles, but instead some rather gorgeous strawberry icing. The important question is....where is the Jacob cupcake, and what flavour will it be?
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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Yellow Fuzzy Dude

I just came across this little guy making his way across the pavement when I was heading out for lunch with dad. He's the most amazing bright yellow and so fuzzy! My next quest is to work out what he'll turn into one day.

He's also brought back some fond memories of caterpillar hunting in the garden as a child. The fuzzy ones were always my favourite :)

Edited to it turns out that he's going to grow up to be a Pale Tussock Moth!
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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bunny Hop...errr...Hoop

My love for learning how to embroider isn't diminishing any - I'm literally loving playing around with stitches and designs. I made this bunny hoop for Nick's mum for her birthday and think it turned out pretty cute. Get ready for a bunny close-up...
I tried tinting using wax crayons - something I'm still getting used to though - it still turned out a bit too pale. I did, however, face up to my arch nemesis...the french knot. I've feared these little bundles of chaos for many years during my time as a cross stitcher. Cursed them with their whole "hey, you, woman with the can't tame me...I go where I like...sometimes I just disappear...if I want a straggley piece of thread sticking up from me I'm going to have it..and there ain't nothin' you can do" attitude. Thanks to the wonderful instuctions of Jenny Hart I've mastered them...hurrah..and behold...

My next big challenge is still crochet...Crochet for Dummies has been relegated to the growing tower of books known as "for the charity shop". I'm clearly a skill level below Dummy. Instead I've turned to The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller to be my I'm now going to go grab my crochet hook...amigurumi here I come.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

I come bearing sparkles

Wow I suck at blogging. Two posts and and then I stop? Epic. Fail.

I've just found a nifty little Blogger app for my phone which should make things a lot easier.

So here's my first test post. And with it comes some pics of the memory wire bracelets I've just made using Faraway Fusion kits from Jilly Beads. They're so simple and really relaxing to make....especially while watching The Vampire Diaries in an effort to catch up before the second season starts on Tuesday.

Ok, now to teach myself crochet....while watching the vamps of course :)

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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

I love goal number 2 - it allows me to justify spending time chilling out and watching 90 minutes of pure beauty - also known as "Where the Wild Things Are". I didn't know a single thing about this film - hadn't even read Maurice Sendak's book, but just knew that the "monsters" looked a little bit cool and that I was in the mood for a whimsical movie to appeal to my inner child.

As it turned out I'm not sure what I would have made of the film if I'd watched it as a child - but as an adult I absolutely loved it. There was a Labyrinth-esque feel to it - a darkness, that really appealed to me. Max and Carol's journey through the film really is quite painful at times - their troubled natures and search for security aren't the stuff of your average kid flick. Visually it is a thing of beauty - the colours used are muted and just perfect, I loved the fact that the creatures mostly appeared to be actual costumes (Jim Henson Company's Creature Shop ftw), with CGI enhancement - not just CGI creations, and the scenery is stunning.

All in all I was completely captivated from start to finish by this beautiful film (directed by Spike Jonze by the way - how did I forget that?). My favourite part? Hands down - Bob and Terry. Genius.

My next film of the week has a lot to live up to :)

4 Simple Goals...the first post

So I've been reading Elsie Flannigan's blog A Beautiful Mess for about a year now - it's beautiful and ever-so-slightly inspirational.

Elsie recently posted the 4 simple goals idea and as I've been feeling for quite a while now that I need to make some positive changes in my life so decided to give it a go. So here goes with my 4 goals.....

1. Start a blog (and perhaps most important - maintain regular posts!)
So this first one is quite straight forward and volia! - 'tis done. Here is my blog. The world of blogdom is completely new to me and I'm not completely sure what I'm doing with it yet but it will most likely be a place for crafty musings/ posting of projects and for general ramblings. I'm hoping that in general it will just give me the kick up the backside I need to start writing again.

2. Watch one new film every week

This is the one I'm most looking forward to. I love films - all kinds of films but for the past few years seem to have slipped into the habit of hardly watching any. Or at least - I watch the same films lots of times. I think it's been a concentration issue - it's taken a lot to "grab" my interest, but that seems to be improving, and along with it my love of both films and books is returning - hurrah! So yes - fun goal for the rest of 2010 is to watch one new film each week and hopefully learn some stuff in the process.

3. Learn to crochet

This has been on my mental "to do" list forever - in particular I'd love to be able to produce little Amigurumi creations. Nothing makes me squee more than some of the crochet creatures I've seen around the web, and I'd love to possess the skill to create them myself - oh, and to be able to cover every visible surface in the house with granny squares (oh yes, it's an inevitable result my friend).

4. Change my surname back to my maiden name
This is a bit of a random one - but yes, I totally need to do this. I've been wanting to do this for a long time but I think some kind of form-based terror has stopped me (seriously, is there such a thing as form-a-phobia?). I think this will be a hugely positive step and so by the time I see 2011 in I want my old surname back, thank you very much :)

So there we go - first blog post and my 4 goals for 2010. Hurrah! Now to go find my crochet hook......