Saturday, 3 May 2014

#BEDM - Weekend Morning Routine

I've been musing on today's 'Blog Every Day in May' prompt as I've gone about my business on this most lovely of Saturdays and have come to the earth shattering conclusion that I have literally no routine.

I would love to be able to say that my weekend routine is to glide out of bed, go for an early morning run, prepare a delicious breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and then undertake a whole range of super productive activities.

In reality, by the time the weekend rolls around I'm ready to follow the life lesson my cats seem to be trying to teach me on a daily basis and relax (the picture above is them demonstrating to me the 'I've found an amazing sunbeam' relaxation position...I tried it once, it's awesome). Relaxation with me can take many forms (today it was getting my hair cut and wandering around a lot of shops without buying a single thing)! Some weekends I go out for long walks, catch up with loved ones, hide under a blanket binge-watching a TV show and I especially love to go trawling around charity shops for any little vintage treasures.

Now I'm wondering if I should have a routine - maybe I would get more done (note to self - this might not just apply at the weekend)!

Do you have a lot of routines? Maybe I could learn a thing or two from you if you do!

Bye for now
Kat xx

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