Tuesday, 20 May 2014

#BEDM - Being Adventurous

As a special treat, today's blog post is brought to you by my better half, Nick, who has chosen today's prompt to talk about Adventure Time (something he does a lot...)


Yes, I do like to talk about Adventure Time, but only because I worry that people might be missing out. Here are just five of the reasons why I love Adventure Time, in the form of a solid bulleted list:

  • Finn and Jake - not just bros who are legends, but true brogends, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog are the main focus of the show. Jake is a magical dog who can stretch himself into any shape, and Finn is the last remaining human who was found on a mountain by Jake's parents and raised as their son. From the mystery of Finn's real parents to Jake's recent status as a father, their changing dynamic keeps the show from getting stale. Not that there's much chance of that ever happening.

  • Simon and Marcy - If you were only to watch the first few episodes, then you would think that Adventure Time is a pretty silly cartoon about a boy and his dog protecting Princesses from the bumbling (and crazy) Ice King, who wants to make them his bride. Marceline the Vampire Queen was at first one of the few female characters to escape his notice, but in more recent episodes, we've found out that before he went completely insane and permanently became the Ice King, Simon Petrikov (his real name) and a tiny Marcy wandered the post-apocalyptic Earth which eventually became Ooo, the land where the show is set. 

  • The supporting cast - From the simplicity of Cinnamon Bun, to the feminine wiles of Treetrunks the apple-pie baking elephant, to the raging crazy of the Earl of Lemongrab, the supporting cast are just as interesting as our heroes. That's not even mentioning the Princesses, like Princess Bubblegum, who might just be as dangerous as the Ice King, and Flame Princess, who Finn loves but can never touch.

  • The complexity - Adventure Time is truly a show for all ages, with layers of complexity that would put most other TV to shame. That said, it seems to be taking an increasingly dark turn as it goes on, with the most recent episodes to air in the US featuring some pretty harsh stuff. It's still amazing, though.

Well, thanks for your time, but I think I'd better bring my gushing to a close there.

If you're only going to watch one children's cartoon this year, make it this one!

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