Saturday, 17 May 2014

#BEDM - Favourite Decade

I stitched this Twiggy hoop for a craft swap on Craftster a while ago, and have to say that ever since I've been tempted to stitch another one for myself.

Which is probably a fairly major clue about what my favourite decade is - the 1960's baby! I love the style of the 60's...

and love, love, love this make-up...

And perhaps most importantly, The Beatles are pretty much my most loved band of all time...

I grew up listening to my mum and dad's old Beatles vinyl and it will always hold the most special place in my heart, and so I guess the 1960's always will too.

That said - there is a lot to be loved about pretty much every decade in the 20th century - each one brought with it its own style, music and history.

Ok, I'm going to go and feel a bit nostalgic for a while! I hope your weekends are full of sunshine (it's sunny here at the moment - which is a genuine miracle)!

Bye for now!
Kat xx

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