Saturday, 16 October 2010

Yellow Fuzzy Dude

I just came across this little guy making his way across the pavement when I was heading out for lunch with dad. He's the most amazing bright yellow and so fuzzy! My next quest is to work out what he'll turn into one day.

He's also brought back some fond memories of caterpillar hunting in the garden as a child. The fuzzy ones were always my favourite :)

Edited to it turns out that he's going to grow up to be a Pale Tussock Moth!
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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bunny Hop...errr...Hoop

My love for learning how to embroider isn't diminishing any - I'm literally loving playing around with stitches and designs. I made this bunny hoop for Nick's mum for her birthday and think it turned out pretty cute. Get ready for a bunny close-up...
I tried tinting using wax crayons - something I'm still getting used to though - it still turned out a bit too pale. I did, however, face up to my arch nemesis...the french knot. I've feared these little bundles of chaos for many years during my time as a cross stitcher. Cursed them with their whole "hey, you, woman with the can't tame me...I go where I like...sometimes I just disappear...if I want a straggley piece of thread sticking up from me I'm going to have it..and there ain't nothin' you can do" attitude. Thanks to the wonderful instuctions of Jenny Hart I've mastered them...hurrah..and behold...

My next big challenge is still crochet...Crochet for Dummies has been relegated to the growing tower of books known as "for the charity shop". I'm clearly a skill level below Dummy. Instead I've turned to The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller to be my I'm now going to go grab my crochet hook...amigurumi here I come.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

I come bearing sparkles

Wow I suck at blogging. Two posts and and then I stop? Epic. Fail.

I've just found a nifty little Blogger app for my phone which should make things a lot easier.

So here's my first test post. And with it comes some pics of the memory wire bracelets I've just made using Faraway Fusion kits from Jilly Beads. They're so simple and really relaxing to make....especially while watching The Vampire Diaries in an effort to catch up before the second season starts on Tuesday.

Ok, now to teach myself crochet....while watching the vamps of course :)

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