Thursday, 8 May 2014

BEDM - Local History Month's prompt has shown me that I know literally nothing about the history of my local area and I unfortunately haven't had time to do any research today. I'm really bad when it comes to learning about places where I live. If I'm somewhere on holiday then I take time to learn everything I can...but my home? Not so much.

Time to change that maybe?

So for today I'm going to share some recent photos I've taken at places local to me...hopefully they'll tell their own story about just how beautiful it can be...

And so from the beautiful to the just plain weird...

In case you were wondering...that is one terrifying plastic dinosaur which forms part of an attraction at a local theme park...with a mannequin 'armed guard'.

Yep...that pretty much sums up my local area - so very pretty but also so very odd at times - and I love the mix!

How much do you know about your local area? Could you put me to shame? (It wouldn't be hard!)

Bye for now


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