Sunday, 1 January 2017

My 2017 Resolutions

Happy New Year to you! I'm feeling very happy that we're sat here in 2017. We don't know what this year is going to bring but I'm going to stop stewing in worry and try to find positive actions to take instead. Here are my (admittedly a bit vague in places) resolutions for the year ahead!

Blogging Resolutions:

1. Keep on track with a blogging schedule of a minimum of three posts each week

2. Stop worrying that my blog and lifestyle don't necessarily fit with the blogging 'norm' - stay positive

3. Write more posts sharing places I visit/ explore

4. Get back to crafty posts - they're what I love the most

5. Get more involved in the blogging community

Personal Resolutions:

1. Focus on my health - in every aspect

2. Keep a positive mindset and look for the good and not the negative

3. Get back to crafting - at least a couple of times each week

4. Set time aside every week to do something lovely with someone awesome

5. Start up an online business

So that's my focus for the year ahead - I'm feeling really excited for 2017 and can't wait to see what's ahead. Number 1 & 2 under personal resolutions are the most important for me - if I can get those right then I think the other resolutions will fall into place. I hope to see you around this blog space a lot more in 2017.

Wishing you lots of happiness and health for the year ahead, and luck with your resolutions, whatever they may be.

Bye for now xx

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