Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Collection Crush - Cath Kidston Ducks

I only have one word to say about Cath Kidston's new collection..and that word is awwww!

I flipping love ducks. Always have. One of my first pieces of jewelery when tiny was a necklace of a mother duck and her babies, and I think that set a life-long love for our webbed footed friends. I was absolutely delighted to find some duck themed items in Cath Kidston's new season. At the moment there are only 4 items (hence including 2 aprons...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more! The colour palette of these items is beautiful as well...perfect for a country kitchen.

Follow the links if you want to find out more:

1. Ducks in a row apron - this is my favourite item - it has a duck swimming on the pocket for goodness' sake!

2. Ducks Double Oven Glove

3. Ducks Set of 2 Tea Towels 

4. Ducks PVC Apron 

Bye for now


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