Saturday, 7 January 2017

Craft Kit Review - Kirstie Allsopp Beeswax Candle Kits

I was having a little browse around Hobbycraft after work (as you do) one day and found a kit to make beeswax candles. I've always wanted to try candle making, but have never had the inclination to invest in the kit needed - and hot wax seemed like a terrible thing to be messing with due to my clumsiness, so this seemed like a perfect solution.

The kit itself looked like this:

The kit itself comes in a pretty box (1. and 2.). The kit included is incredibly straight forward - 8 sheets of beeswax, and a reel of cotton wick (3.). My favourite part of the kit are the two cute glass candle holders, which have a lovely vintage look.

The instructions were incredibly simple to follow. To make a tapered candle I just ran the wick along the long edge of a sheet of beeswax and began rolling. Then trimmed the end of the wick. That's it...candle made.

There are instructions in the kit to use the wax sheets in different ways - to make small rolled candles and birthday candles, and then some ideas that are decorative rather than actually making a fully functioning candle (which seemed a bit like clutching at straws). I knew that the type I would get the most use out of were tapered candles, so I just kept rolling. I did make one shorter candle by cutting the beeswax with scissors, to go in my house candle holder...

As far as projects go, this was absolutely perfect for sitting down after a day at work and doing something super simple and yet effective. I had a little pile of completely usable candles before I knew it.

I burnt my first candle from the set yesterday and it was all kinds of relaxing. It didn't take long to burn down...I think about 20 minutes...but those were some relaxing minutes!

The Verdict

The presentation of the kit was beautiful, the instructions clear and the glass candle holders were a nice addition in acknowledgement of the fact the kit was fairly light on resources.

This kit is so simple it's not going to appeal to people who craft for a bit of a challenge. It is, however, perfect for an evening of tuning out and focusing on something pretty and simple.

I thought 8 candles and 2 candle holders was good value for the price of the kit (£10.00 on offer).

The kit is also a good starting point - particularly because it gives the initial safety warnings about using this type of candle.

The only thing I was disappointed about was that the beeswax sheets had no smell. I've always thought of beeswax as having a lovely sweet smell, and a yellow tone. The wax in this kit was white, and had no smell. This makes me thing it has been treated, which would be a shame (although my beeswax knowledge is limited).

I would definitely try making these candles again. I've been reading about Hygge recently (more on that to follow) and appreciate the relaxation organic candles can provide. I've been researching beeswax sheets online and am planning to buy some natural sheets to try using them. I'll be really interested to see if there's a difference.

I think little bundles of these candles would make a really lovely present, especially when coupled with a pretty little candle holder.

If you're interested in buying your own kit you can find it here.

Bye for now!


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