Friday, 13 January 2017

That Friday Feeling...Rocking out, Magazines and The Cranes

It's Friday the 13th! I'm not really superstitious but still always treat this date with extra caution! Really Friday 13th marks nothing other than the start of a new weekend...hurrah!

This week the glow of the Christmas holidays has definitely worn off and I'm very happy to have made it to Friday! Here are a few of the things I've been doing this week to keep calm and carry on (I know, I know...that phrase is sooo 2013!).

What I've been watching...

Frasier - I had the best advent calendar ever this year - 24 days of Frasier, with 2 discus from the all-season box set received in an envelope each day. I'm still working my way through all of the episodes and loving every nostalgic minute. So funny and I think Frasier, Niles and Martin's relationship is one of favourite on-screen dynamics ever.

What I've been reading...

Readly - A friend introduced me to readly - a digital magazine subscription service - and I may never have a dull moment again. I've had a love of magazines since buying by first copy of 'Mizz' as a teen and I'm always popping over to the magazine section for a browse. The problem is that I end up throwing them away to try and clear clutter. I'm so happy to have found a way of having loads (and I mean loads) of my favourite magazines at my fingertips...amazing! The only problem is getting myself to be productive because the magazines are luring me in with their pretty pictures and bitesize pieces of information!

What I've been playing...

Yeah - there's nothing like rocking out on a tiny plastic guitar while making a clacking sound with a plastic strum. Rock n' Roll my friends. I flipping love this game. The live element is so much fun...and playing through some 90's classics has made me all kinds of nostalgic. And it includes 'No Rain' by Blind of my favourite songs of all time!

So that's been some little pieces of entertainment joy this week. The weekend involves some boring practical jobs (booo) but I'm also determined to try and sort out some stock for my online shop (yay!). I'm also planning some long walks and some exploring, so fingers crossed for no rain (or snow)!

I hope that whatever your weekend holds, it is a happy and relaxing one.

Bye for now


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