Friday, 20 January 2017

That Friday Feeling...Hygge, Crafting and The Fresh Prince

Hello, hello! Welcome again to my favourite time of the week...Friday evening! This week I've been focusing on really trying to create a relaxed and comfy feeling each evening. Lots of crochet, reading and gentle TV viewing has definitely helped me feel more calm and content each evening.

What I've been watching...

In West Philadelphia born and raised....I'm so happy that the Fresh Prince of Bel Air has arrive on Netflix in the UK. It used to be a favourite of mine, and it's definitely standing the test of time - it's had me laughing aloud so many times (and not just because of some of the fashion choices). I'm not as pleased to realise that I'm closer in age to Aunt Viv than to Will mind you...

What I've been pinning...

I'm well and truly sucked in to the Hygge lifestyle. I think it helps that it's pretty much I how decorated my home and tried to live anyway...but I even find pinning pretty Hygge inspired pictures relaxing!

What I've been crafting...

I can't share pictures yet, but I've signed up to a craft swap over at Craftster and I'm really happy to be back to craft swapping - I love making things for people (way more than crafting for myself) and the craft swaps just help focus that on a theme. It's definitely helping me to set aside some time for creative things as well, which I desperately need! If you're crafty and haven't visited Craftster I'd definitely recommend it - it's a really lovely community.

This weekend I have a lovely family day planned, some crafting and some work (boo to deadlines) - all of which will be achieved in a state of Hygge peace and tranquillity, of course (or chaos...definitely one or the other). Whatever your weekend holds I hope it's a good one.

Bye for now!


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