Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 - A Personal Review

I've started writing this post a few times and then deleting it each time. 2016 has been a difficult year - both for me personally but more importantly for the world. Tensions are high and although I'm seeing messages across social media that people are very happy to be waving goodbye to 2016, I think we're all wondering what 2017 will hold. It's hard to write a retrospective of 2016 without acknowledging the world events that are probably going to shape years to come, and the deeply sad losses of some very talented people - but that then leads me into a negative spiral which achieves nothing!

Sooo...instead I've taken a step back with a little bit of help from my Happiness Planner (more on that to come) and have realised that there have been some seriously lovely personal moments through 2016, and that I've learnt a lot about myself - which is always a good thing!

Some of my favourite moments this year...

These photos were all taken this year and capture some really lovely memories. We've had some beautiful days out - two of my favourites were The Lost Gardens of Heligan (bottom left picture) and Trelissick (top middle picture). 2016 has definitely been the year of 'outdoors adventure 'for me, and I've loved it. I've seen some really beautiful things this year that I don't think I'll ever forget.

My husband also took part in #wearehere - a modern memorial of The Battle of the Somme led by Turner prize winning artist Jeremy Deller. It was a really emotional day and I couldn't have been prouder of him (bottom, middle picture).

I've also really enjoyed some of the smaller moments - tea with friends, a chai latte with hubbie, and a gin festival with a good friend - happy times.

This little guy has also brought nothing but happiness my way. He's a hilarious comedian in disguise as a little teddy bear/ ewok, who knows when I need a good laugh, or when I need a snuggle. I can't begin to talk about some of the adventures we've had this year, but I'm so happy we found the perfect doggy addition to our family. Having a dog has definitely encouraged us to explore more places, and one of my blogging goals for 2017 will be to share more of that here.

So what have I learnt about myself this year?...

I think I've actually re-learnt some things about myself that I'd forgotten. Nothing earth-shattering, but I've remembered that although I'm a bit of an introvert by nature, I actually feel better when I push myself out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I can also have ostrich-like tendencies and bury my head in the sand when it comes to certain issues. A big challenge for me moving forward will be to keep my inner-ostrich at bay, and make sure I do the things I need to do. Maybe resisting the urge to procrastinate is a goal for 2017.

An important lesson I've learnt is to give myself time to do the things I enjoy. It's a blindingly obvious lesson, but one it's taken me until December to learn! So that's a huge goal for 2017 - be it outdoor adventures, time with loved ones, crafts or blogging - I'm going to make sure I do the things I enjoy!

I hope 2016 has brought some moments of happiness your way, and I look forward to sharing more thoughts, ideas, projects and adventures in 2017.

Bye for now - see you next year!


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