Sunday, 22 January 2017

Sunday Best - Valentine's Presents for under £10

Buying presents for Valentine's Day is pretty simple in our house - we generally buy each other a book and write a cute little message inside it. However, for the last couple of years I've also bought a little gift to go alongside the book. I'm definitely not a believer in over-the-top gestures on Valentine's Day but there's nothing wrong with a little treat (or two). Here's my selection of my favourite finds from Not on the Highstreet, all with a price tag under £10.

I actually bought this last year...because oh my's a lobster cookie ...and is also a reference to one of my favourite Friends episodes ever: Lobster Biscuit

This 'reasons why I love you' tag book is such a cute and simple idea

Everyone loves a fortune cookie and I love the idea of giving your beloved a personalised message in one...and also the challenge of writing it in the traditional fortune cookie style.

I think I might get a couple of these personalised photo letter coasters for my desk at work - they're a cute way of having photos around without creating desk clutter. I think they'd also make a sweet Valentine's present with a favourite photo of you and your loved one (you, woman, cat, dog, parakeet...whomever it may be)

If you have any ideas for simple and sweet Valentine's presents I'd love to hear them!

Bye for now.


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