Monday, 9 January 2017

Subscription Box Reveal - The Melt Crowd by Flamingo Candles

I get a couple of subscription boxes at the moment, and quite honestly love them. Although subscription boxes can seem pricey, I find that they stop me buying random items in the shops (I've completely stopped my stationery buying habit since subscribing to Papergang), and I love getting exciting mail.

I've been subscribing to The Melt Crowd, run by Flamingo Candles, for almost a year now and I really like it. The subscription box contains 8 wax melts (and sometimes a bonus) each month. The scents received are often exclusives, or previews of upcoming collections, and I think they're a perfect way of getting a nice selection of scents each month. With a dog who smells like he takes a dip in the bog of eternal stench on a regular basis they are a very welcome addition (he's not actually that's mostly just when he chooses to wallow in ponds).

If you'd like to know what is in the January subscription box, read after the break (but don't forget...spoilers!)

So here is this month's selection. The burner didn't come with this set - it was the gift sent with my first subscription box. The eight scents all have the theme 'Be Happy' which seems to be a general theme for January 2017, as everyone is determined to make it a happy one!

Here are the individual scents:

So we've got:

  1. Pomegranate Cider - a lovely fruity smell 
  2. Orange and Blackcurrant - as you'd expect, there's a sharpness to this smell - I think it'll be perfect to burn to help concentration while working
  3. Clean Cotton - I'm not always a fan of cotton scents, but this one is lovely and fresh
  4. Unicorn Dreams - This is my favourite smell for this month - it's absolutely gorgeous - although I'm struggling to pinpoint the scents - it's kind of fruity and floral all at the same time - can't wait to burn it
  5. Dewberry - My second favourite because it reminds me of the Body Shop Dewberry perfume I used to wear as a teen - pure nostalgia
  6. Blueberry Cheesecake - literally smells like a cheesecake - a food I'm avoiding on my current diet - so I'm hoping this will fight off any cravings!
  7. Jasmine and Lime - This is probably my least favourite as I'm not a huge fan of jasmine, and it's overpowering the lime
  8. Coconut and raspberry - This has got a subtle smell but is lovely - coconut with a hint of raspberry
Overall, I'm really happy with this selection and they totally represent the 'Be Happy' theme - lots of uplifting and lively scents - exactly what we need to get through January!

If you're interested in subscribing it's £10 per month and you can find out more here

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