Sunday, 1 January 2017

7 Days of Sales Day 7 - Anthropologie

It's the last day of 7 Days of Sales. Today I'm feeling a bit sad that it's the end of the Christmas hols and almost time to go back to work...and that coupled with the fact that I've left my favourite shop until last means that I'm extra vulnerable to some sales shopping...oops.

Anthropologie is definitely my go-to store if I want to do some window shopping - beautiful and pretty items that are just that little bit different can be found still in stock in their sale (must...resist).

These woodland wreath coasters are so pretty and would compliment my lounge colour scheme beautifully ( yep, I'm weak today...very, very weak). Reduced from £6.00 to £3.95 per coaster.

This cushion is a thing of beauty (and yep, you've guessed it - would look lovely in my lounge). Reduced from £68.00 to £36.95.

This velvet clutch bag is a gorgeous buy -  reduced from £68.00 to £40.95.

These birthstone necklaces would be a lovely purchase to put aside for a loved one's birthday - the months are disappearing fast though! Reduced from £34.00 to £24.95.

You can view all of the sale here. This is the last of my posts on sales...but now all of the new season stock is appearing - get ready for some new Collection Crushes!

Happy Shopping.


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