Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Collection Crush - No Probllama at Paperchase

I've realised recently that whenever I post items/ crafts/ collections of 'things' that involve animals/ birds/ all creatures great and small I always start by saying that I "love (insert creature here)". That's mostly because I genuinely do get so much happiness from watching/ being around most living things (not slugs...never slugs) but I do have a list of my favourites, and llamas are definitely on them. This new range from Paperchase - No Probllama - is perfect in it's style, colour, pompominess (new word) and name. A few of my favourites are above and follow the links below for more llama and pom pom joy...

1. Tin Tray

2. No Probllama Pouch

3. Luggage Tag

 4. Set of Drawers

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