Saturday, 31 March 2012

Stitching Saturday

Today's little stitchy offering is the hoop I made for the Wild Olive Stitch Swap. My partner likes pastels...and a little bit of stalking also told me she likes hot air balloons...and so this hoop was born...

I was happy to find some cloud material in my stash (I have literally no memory of buying it!). It's the most satin stitch I've ever attempted and it was a bit of a challenge at times!

This swap has been so much fun...because you don't know who is stitching for you, so it adds a nice element of surprise!

I don't have any other swaps lined up at the moment so I'm going to spend some time stitching things for my home...and doing some more cross stitch motifs...if you have any requests just comment to let me know!


  1. Oh man I love this! I so wish I could cross stitch!

  2. Thanks Erin! Most of this balloon is satin stitch - which I only tried for the first time a couple of years ago - so you should totally try :) I promise that I was terrified of trying embroidery at first, and love it now!