Friday, 2 March 2012

30 Days of Lists Day 2 - This month's goals

I love setting here is my list for March...

My love of bird themed items isn't dying down any. I find them really peaceful (tell Alfred Hitchcock that, right?), so they seemed like the logical addition to my goals list. Especially number 4 - although I'm hoping number 5 helps with that.

Number 3 is a really important goal for me. My dad recently passed to me a big box of photos of my mum and her family - most of them passed away before I was born, so the photos are a really important link. I've got a beautiful album for them and I'm looking forward to a peaceful day of mounting them. Anything to do with my mum, who passed away seven years ago now, is still emotional for me, and there's something about her childhood photos that makes me both very happy and very sad, all at the same time. So it'll be a bittersweet goal, but one that I know I'll be really happy to have achieved.

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