Monday, 5 March 2012

30 Days of Lists Day 5 - Words to live by

I've never really been a 'quote' or 'motto' kinda gal. I might occasionally stumble by a clever saying on Pinterest which raises a smile or inspires me, but nothing that I live my life by as such. I sat staring at a blank page for a while before I decided to take this list literally and started writing down some random words I believe strongly in.

They're words I feel inspired by, and try to make sure they are a part of my life.

As I started to write them down I was reminded of the word-searches I used to make up as a kid to go in the magazine I used to write for my cat's fan club (yes, my cat had a fan club - it had precisely 4 members - me, my mum and dad, and my best friend). And with that memory (a very happy one, I adored that cat), this layout  for my list was born.


  1. So fun and creative.

    I'm not really a quote or a motto girl either but I really enjoyed doing this list.

  2. awesome, I LOVE word searches, this was very creative...and I wish I would have thought to add chocolate to mine! I can't live without it!

    1. Thank you! and I know..seriously don't know where I'd be without it :)