Sunday, 18 March 2012

30 Days of Lists Catch-Up

Phew! Sorry for the blog silence. The headaches didn't go away this week and going on my laptop made them loads worse (I think they were telling me I needed to crash out and relax some...which I've done this weekend and feel loads better, so I'm back...hurrah!).

I've still been listing like a list-crazy person, so here's a catch up...

Day 12 - My superpowers are/ superpowers I'd like to have

I struggled a bit with this list! I decided my biggest power at the moment is the ability to sleep through anything (and pretty much anywhere!) so I decided to give the list a sleepy theme.

I couldn't straight away think of a superpower I'd like to have because...ya know...with great power comes great responsibility. I'd love to time travel if it meant getting to hang out with the 10th and 11th Doctors though!

Day 13 - 10 years ago I...

This was the hardest list for me personally, because 10 years ago was right before the biggest heartbreak I've ever experienced, so it's a bit painful to remember.

Day 14 - Tools and toys to try

Gah! So many - every time I read a craft magazine I'm like 'ooooh...I need to get one of those'. I think a Diana F+ clone camera is probably number one though.

Day 15 - Overheard today...

I loved this list...mostly because I wrote it on a day at home, so the only thing I overheard was my cats chattering to each other (they do that a lot). I'm not sure what they were talking about - maybe the crazy lady who keeps waving pieces of string at them?

Day 16 - Pet peeves

I used some vintage plastic 'dog house' charms for this list. They're so cute, but I never really found a good use for them...until now!

Day 17 -  Favourite day of the year

Ah, there was not doubt in my mind for this one...Christmas! It also gave me a good excuse to use some of these cute Christmas penguin stickers I've had kicking around for ages! :)

Day 18 -  Family traditions

At first I thought I really didn;y have any family traditions (which made me a bit sad), then I realised I probably don't think about them as's just the little things that have integrated themselves into my life and bring happy memories. And so this list was born (complete with vintage buttons...I'm on such a button addiction at the moment!) post, but that's me all caught up...hurrah!

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