Monday, 26 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 26 - My morning routine

I'm feeling a little bit more human this evening and have actually had quite a fun day - most of which was spent blog-exploring. It's a dangerous past-time, I can get lost for hours!

Here's my list for today. Only one word can explain my morning routine...'urgh'. On week days I always have three snoozes on my alarm before dragging my sorry arse out of bed and into the shower. I then leave myself with about 15 minutes to actually get dressed, and do my hair and make-up, before I have to leave. I need to sort it out, and at least make time for breakfast.

See those little green dudes? I totally look like that in the morning...not a pretty sight.

Rather than spam my blog (can you spam your own blog?!) with pics of all the lists I haven't been able to post while I've been ill, I've posted them onto my flickr here.

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