Tuesday, 27 March 2012

30 Days of Lists - Day 27 - If I could do it over again...

If I did this list over again I'd totally pick another colour ink...this is so hard to read (but I'm still obsessing with the coral/ blue colour combo). I try not to think too much about regrets or what I'd do differently. I do know that I'd worry about the unimportant things a lot less - it's a lesson I'm taking forward though. In general I'd do most things again - they've led me to where I am now, which is ok with me.

I would so dye my hair way more colours when I was younger though. I stuck with the basics - blonde, red, black - but have always had a huge love for brightly coloured hair - I think blue is my favourite. I feel a bit too old to carry it off now though :/

On a side note I love these butterfly stickers which I bought at 'The Range' - they only stick in the middle, leaving their wings free to 'flap' pretty.

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  1. You should totally dye your hair blue - i'm going blue next!