Friday, 30 September 2016

That Friday Feeling...Photos, Wild World and Billy!

Happy Friday everyone! Another week has flown by...and even more frightening is how quickly the month of September skipped on by. Now October is just around the corner I'm definitely getting into hibernation mode (although I think I might be in that mode 365 days of the year!).

Here are a few things I've been loving this week...

Photographs from

I'm definitely going through a phase of wanting to print out my photos. I love having them around. I found cheerz through the phone app and love how easy it easy to get hard copies of photos from instagram, facebook and my PC. The little batch in the photo represent a tiny portion of the photos I've had printed recently. My plan is to get some pretty albums from Paperchase and stick the photos in them so I can have a flip through them as each photo is just a little piece of happiness.

Billy on the Street

I'm so late to the game with Billy on the Street but now I've discovered it I'm in absolute love. I knew Billy Eichner from Parks and Recreation, and loved him in that but hadn't seen anything until witnessing him running around the streets of New York playing such gems as 'for a dollar' and 'quizzed in the face'. If you haven't seen Billy on the Street then I definitely recommend watching a few clips on Youtube...but be can be an exhausting experience!

...and in music this week...

Bastille are still my favourite band at the moment and I've been listening to Wild World, their second album, at every possible opportunity. At first listen I wasn't sure I loved it as much as All This Bad Blood, but that quickly passed. It's a beautiful and carefully crafted piece of music. I should never have expected anything less.

Anyway, I have an exciting weekend with family planned so I'll say bye for now and I hope your weekend is all kinds of lovely.


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