Friday, 9 September 2016

That Friday Feeling - Kitties, Notebooks and Very Strange Things

Gorgeous cocktail print from BeauTypographie on Etsy

Well hello...we've made it through another working week...hurrah for us!

Here are a few things that have been brightening up my week...


Well if this isn't just the cutest little game. It's free to download and is a 'tapping' game - so involves lots of upgrading things and err...tapping. Oh and did I mention it involves designing your own little kitty politician and helping them progress up the political ranks? Very cute, very simple and a tiny bit addictive.

I could not love this TV show on Netflix any more if I tried. I think it's well documented on here that my Friday favourites often features a televisual joy, but this is the best thing I've watched in a very long time. I grew up reading Stephen King books by torchlight and have a huge amount of nostalgia for films from the 80's featuring packs of kids, and Stranger Things combined those two loves in perfect harmony. Telling the story of a little boy who disappears and the adventures of his family and friends, it combines a great story, some really tense and scary moments, some nostalgic nods to the 80s and the best casting to create a piece of magical. I'm on my second watch and its just as wonderful as the first time around.

Yep..a notebook has helped brighten my week. Easily please much? I signed up to Papergang, a stationery subscription service, a couple of months ago and this little beauty arrived in my August subscription. What doesn't show up in the picture is the beautiful copper edging. Unfortunately mine in on my desk at work so I can't take any photos. However - it's done some good work this week - even the hardest jobs are a bit easier when you have a beautiful notebook to write them in! Ohh Deer who deliver the Papergang subscription have the notebook in stock here.

I hope you have a weekend of much loveliness ahead.


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