Friday, 16 September 2016

That Friday Feeling - Tattoos, Puppies and Tunes

Print and photo by LovelyCuppa on Etsy

Well now where did that week go? Here are a few things I've been in love with this week...

I've discovered this amazing new band who I can't stop listening to. They formed in..errr..1976. So yeah, I'm very late to the game when it comes to the music of The Cure. I've always been aware of them and their music but have never really properly listened to it. That's changed recently and they are on constant repeat in my car when I'm driving. My favourite song for this week is Boys Don't Cry, but that will probably change for next week. So many amazing songs.


Tattoo Fixers is definitely a guilty pleasure TV show of mine. The artists and Paisley are so fun to watch, the bad tattoos are just so...bad (seriously, how many people out there have terrible drawings of male genitalia tattooed on them?!), and they remind me that I want a new tattoo on a weekly basis. There are some amazing cross-stitch inspired tattoos out there so watch this space!


This little fella. This is Indy, our little Shihapso. He's having a shy moment, but I have a feeling he'll been featuring 'round these parts every so often. Love him every minute of every day.

I hope your week has been full of some loveliness too! 

Bye for now.


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