Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Crafty Kit Time - Otter Handwarmer

I'm loving craft kits at the moment - more so than trying to piece together materials to make my own projects. I'm attributing it to the fact that I've packed most of my craft supplies away at the moment so it's just a lot easier to have everything I need in one tiny package!

This kit, for what is quite honestly a ridiculously cute otter handwarmer came from The Little Matters on Etsy. The shop is packed full of otter wonderfulness. My dad is a big Otter fan so I was looking for a little present for him and thought this would be perfect as the colder months are approaching.

The kit arrived quickly and was organised into a neat little box...

Now, although I'm a confident stitcher, that only extends to embroidery stitches (and, to be fair, the embroidery stitches I'm confident with are limited), so I was a bit nervous about hand sewing the little guy together.

The otter himself was printed out on some lovely quality and thick fabric. I can't gush enough about how cute the artwork is...

The instructions for the kit were really simple to follow, and helped to talk me through the stages really easily. The cutting, sewing and filling with the wheat grains were really straight forward and my nerves about my sewing skills quickly disappeared.

I think the whole kit took a couple of hours from start to finish. Before I knew it, this little guy was ready...

I'm so happy with how he turned out. I'd honestly recommend this kit to any otter fans out there who want a simple little project to do. It's helped build my confidence with other hand sewing projects, so watch this space!

Bye for now xxx

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