Sunday, 1 November 2015

Blog Every Day in November - Something New

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I did the 'Blog Every Day in November' over at Rosalilium a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it as a way of encouraging and supporting me back into writing. I am again. 

My blogging habits of late have mostly involved having lots of ideas floating around my head but getting none of them onto my blog. Be that because of writers block, lack of confidence in my blogging ability or a total lack of focus (uh-huh- tick, tick and tick). Whatever the excuse, I'm hoping that this will get me past that little block I currently have.

Today's prompt is 'Something new about yourself' so here's a few new things I've been up to recently which may find themselves creeping into my blog very soon...

  1. I've joined a gym! (that's right...exercise my friends, exercise)
  2. I've started an Etsy shop - finally!
  3. I've joined the National Trust and am spending some lovely days wandering around some beautiful places 
  4. I've invested in a new camera and a photography course - time to learn how to take pictures that aren't a fuzzy mess!
  5. For the first time ever I've started getting organised for Christmas early - presents are being bought, and crafty projects started - so no more last minute panic on Christmas Eve sewing presents until I lose my vision and all feeling in my hands - this year I'll be a super organised Christmas goddess. Uh-huh, that's me!
Anyway, I'm looking forward to being around these parts a lot more in November - see you very soon!

Kat xx

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