Sunday, 8 November 2015

BEDN - Self-Care Sunday - My go-to Lush products

My self-care Sunday post is dedicated to the Lush products I use regularly. I became a Lush skin care convert about 6 years ago. My skin was going through a particularly difficult patch - really dry and just generally uncomfortable. A trip into Lush changed all of that and I haven't looked back.

For reference, in case you're thinking of trying these products, I have combination skin but it generally leans more to the oily side of town.

So here are my everyday essentials for my face - they keep my skin moisturised, non flaky and pretty much clear of blemishes - hurrah!

1. Ultrabland - this is my everyday cleanser. Containing beeswax and honey, it has a really subtle smell and removes all my make-up. I literally apply to dry skin and then remove using moist cotton wool and it removes even my toughest make-up.

2. Eau Roma - this is my favourite toner (and I've tried a lot). Containing rose water it smells heavenly and helps to calm my skin - especially useful as the weather gets colder and the wind gets harsher. I use this after cleansing each day by just spritzing on a piece of cotton wool. It seems like the perfect partner for using after Ultrabland as it helps remove the last little traces.

3. Imperialis -  this moisturiser has a really lovely subtle floral smell - particularly of lavender and has completely sorted out all of my dry skin problems - but it's also perfect for my oily areas - how does it do that? Magic I tell you!

So that's the three products from Lush I use every day without fail. I have more favourites and I'm sure they'll appear here at a later date!

Have a lovely Sunday and don't forget to give yourself some care time!

Bye for now xx

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