Tuesday, 3 November 2015

BEDN - Food Glorious Food

I love the BEDN prompt for today because I've recently started to try and learn the fine art of cooking items that are slightly more complex than pasta & sauce and a curry straight out of the jar.

I guess I can be a bit of a lazy cook - I struggle to keep my cupboards stocked with all the ingredients needed to cook things from scratch and so resort to things that are quick and easy. That changed a few weeks ago when a friend referred me to Hello Fresh.

Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription service which delivers a box full of all the ingredients and instructions needed to cook three different meals for two people (different amounts available). I'm two weeks in to my subscription and here are my thoughts:

The recipes
The recipes so far have been absolutely gorgeous and really easy to follow. I've gone for the vegetarian option because the only meat I eat is fish, and they've honestly been some of the tastiest vegetarian meals I've ever cooked - including a paella, a greek ragu, a persian soup, welsh rarebit...

and my favourite so far, nachos!

The instructions come on individual cards with all the information in easy to follow steps...and mean you can make the meals again...and again...bonus!

The ingredients

The ingredients have been so lovely so far - the fresh food has been gorgeous. A lot of the ingredients are organic and everything in general has been of a really high quality.

The ingredients mostly come measured out already, which has really helped take out some of my initial terror when it comes to dabbling in some new recipes and techniques.


I'm a bit torn on the value. The subscription I'm on is £36 per week which seemed a bit expensive at first - there's no way we'd normally spend that on three meals. However - the portion sizes are really generous, ingredients are stunning and I'm actually learning some new skills so it's pretty much a cookery course from the comfort of my own home. Everything is really well packaged as well (with a very innovative use of sheep's wool to keep things cool). When I add everything up it's good value for me, for now. I'm not sure that it would be without the 'experience' element, but as long as they keep up with a variety of recipes I'm happy!

Overall experience

 There are a couple of things I'd like to change - although I've loved the recipes so far, being able to have a bit of choice about what is arriving each week would be great. I'd also love to be able to occasionally add in one of the fish options every now and then. The only other downside is the price which is likely to stop a lot of people from signing up. However - the Mr and I have had some fun cooking together, I'm gaining in confidence regarding how to put together meals from scratch and how to use some ingredients I haven't tried before - and have now had six flipping gorgeous meals.

So far I'm definitely a happy Hello Fresh customer - I just need to perfect my food photography skills and I'll be posting my own recipes here in no time...errrr...maybe.

Bye for now!!

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