Friday, 6 November 2015

BEDN - Friday Night in...

I don't ask much from my Friday nights - some serious relaxation is really all I'm looking for. I'm trying to start a bit of a Friday night relaxation routine at the moment to help me unwind. It starts with listening to some music which I know will chill me out - Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Tom Odell...something along those lines.

As I mentioned in my recent Hello Fresh post - I'm really enjoying learning to do a bit of decent cooking, so that has definitely formed part of my Friday night in.

Next up is some crafting - and I feel a little bit happier with the world knowing that a book dedicated only to stitching Benedict Cumberbatch related patterns has been published. I snapped that bad boy up straight away because...well...I'm pretty sure it needs no explanation. Friday nights in will be dedicated to a bit of Cumberstitching for the near future.

And lastly - no Friday night in would be complete without something great on the TV. At the moment I can't recommend anything more than Mr Robot - I've watched my way through it once and am now on the return visit. It's mindblowing. I absolutely loved every minute. I'm not going to attempt a review - I wouldn't do it justice (the trailers for it certainly don't), but if you like beautiful imagery, acting so engaging you don't want to blink and some themes that make you sit back and think then this is probably for you (it's certainly not a show full of unicorns and rainbows though so if the grittier side of life isn't for you then this might be one to avoid).

If you have any ideas for the perfect Friday night in I'd love to hear them...or the perfect Friday night
out (I have those too...occasionally!).

Bye for now x


  1. Hey there! The Mr Robot sounds interesting and your food looks deli :)

  2. Thanks Michelle :) Definite;y recommend checking out Mr Robot at some point. I'll probably do a bit more of a detailed post on it at some point, but I don't want to give away any spoilers ;) x