Wednesday, 18 November 2015

BEDN - Entrepreneurship Week

I have so much admiration for anyone with entrepreneurial skills. So often I've had little business ideas working their way around in my head, but have never had the confidence to just go for it.

I've dipped my toe into the world of business start-ups a few times - normally with a crafty focus, but have never gone any further. My recent foray into the world of small business ownership has given me the courage to try and develop this further - so at the moment I'm making some plans for a business start-up in 2016 - with a focus on cross stitch. Now, I've been here before (several times) but feel far more motivated and confident than before, so I'm feeling very excited about the whole idea.

In the interim I thought I'd share some of my favourite people who have turned their passion into a crafty/ arty business...

Gemma Correll has been a favourite illustrator of mine for a few years now - it started with my pug obsession and has grown as Gemma's portfolio of cute and quirky designs has developed.

Sublime Stitching - I have Sublime Stitching to thank for helping me develop my embroidery skills beyond the world of Cross Stitch. I love the business that the founder, Jenny Hart, has set up - making embroidery fun, accessible and modern. 

What Delilah Did - I could not love the cross stitch designs from What Delilah Did any more than I do. I have her books, used her designs in my wedding and am currently working my way through the CinderMouse stitch along. Sophie Simpson has developed a truly stylish craft business.

If you have any inspiring examples of crafty businesses I'd love to hear about them!

Bye for now xx

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