Tuesday, 10 November 2015

BEDN - Family & the Innocent Big Knit

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 I think it goes without saying that family is incredibly important to me. I have a small family but treasure every moment I get to spend with them, and feel very lucky and privileged to be part of the family I have,

Recently (partly because of some campaigning to raise awareness in the UK), I've been thinking a lot about people who have no-one in their lives to talk to.

Age UK are a charity focused on supporting the elderly. They currently estimate that a million older people in the UK haven't spoken to anyone in a month. This fact, couple with some heart wrenching videos of people describing the loneliness of their lives has made me consider what I can to do help.

Ultimately I'd like to volunteer to be someone who calls an older person for a chat, to break up the silence of their day. At the moment this scheme is only open to corporate members and not members of the public. So in the interim I'm settling for helping out with the Innocent Big Knit. The Big Knit involves Innocent butting little tiny woolly hats on their smoothies, and 25p of every bottle sold is donated to Age UK.

So get a crafty project to do, which will help a charity support those in need. It's a win-win.

Image from Age UK

And in case you needed any more persuading - there are some free patterns for tiny hats, both knitted and crocheted - including an adorable little ow, a fox cub and a banana - what more could you need?

The deadline for hats is 11th December so I'd better get started!

Bye for now xx

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