Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas, Apologies and Shopping

Hello Beautiful People!

I hope you're all having a lovely December. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it's been a magical one. Christmas in my little home has been really relaxed and exactly what I needed.

Now for the awkward bitI feel like I need to acknowledge my long absence. I've had some 'life stuff' going on (well isn't that just annoyingly vague) and had to do a quick check on where I was putting in energy. Unfortunately blogging, crafting and online surfing have been casualties in this review while I got things sorted. Things aren't completely resolved yet, but they are hopefully heading in the right direction. Which means I have a bit more energy to put into the things I love doing... Hurrah!

Today is Boxing Day in the UK which means it's the start of sales in pretty much every shop, everywhere.

In previous years I've fallen into the trap of buying items just because they are a bargain, without really needing them in my life. In my continued efforts to de-clutter my life I'm going to try to resist this year. However...that doesn't stop me partaking in a bit of daily browsing to see what's out there.. I think it's fair to call it some online window shopping.

To celebrate this sales season I'll be posting a daily '7 Days of Sales'  to share some of the best sales finds. I'll be highlighting a different online shop each day and I'm a little bit intrigued to see if I can still find some beautiful bargains by day 7.

I'll be back soon with day 1!

Bye for now (and it's lovely to be back!)


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