Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Carrie Fisher

Photo from Elle

2016 has seen the loss of so many amazing and talented people that have left many of us shocked and sad. It's not something I'd normally post about but none have hit me quite as hard as the news yesterday that the most wonderful Carrie Fisher has passed away. The world needs more intelligent and wry women who speak their mind and don't quite honestly give a shit about the rules of how women should speak and look, and losing Carrie is just so sad. My thoughts are 100% with her loved ones who must have been going through hell this Christmas.

I've grown up with Carrie as a bit of an idol. I'm a Star Wars geek through and through, and Princess Leia was a character I looked up to when I was younger. As I grew older I began appreciating the person outside of the character and the difficulties in her life, and my idol became the woman herself, not a character with a white dress and a rockin' hair-do.

If you're new to the wonderful world of Carrie, or would like to learn more about her I'd recommend starting with some of her best quotes - there are lots of sites with them listed, but Elle have done a nice overview here.

Wishful Drinking provides a wry insight into Carrie's fascinating and difficult life - a brilliant read. Available on amazon here.

...and I think 'painfully funny' is a good way to sum up Postcards from the Edge - a novel which is clearly drawing on Carrie's experiences of celebrity. Available on Amazon here.

For now I'm going to go and watch some Star Wars and start stitching a Star Wars cross stitch pattern I bought at the beginning of the year. I think I'll have a re-read of Postcards from the Edge too.

Rest in Peace Carrie, you amazing lady.


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