Tuesday, 27 December 2016

7 Days of Sales Day 2 - Cath Kidston

Now today is where this little blog series of mine becomes dangerous. Cath Kidston. My Achilles heel. I've just finished surfing through the sale and am already justifying in my head why I need a few of the items. Not 'want' - for these are surely essential life items - but 'need'. Perhaps it's lucky that a lot of the sale items are already sold out .

Here are four of my favourites which I must resist...

These Highgate Ditsy Wine Glasses are so pretty! I genuinely am looking for some new wine glasses at the moment, so really it just makes good sense to buy them...right? Reduced from £8.00 to £5.50.

My camera strap suddenly looks rather boring. This Rosemoor Ditsy Camera Strap is reduced from £12.00 to £8.50.

I really love the subtle colours in this very pretty Forest Rose canvas bag - reduced from £48.00 to £30.00.

And lastly - this gorgeous Ashdown Forest Cotton Raglan Dress - I've drooled over this dress in the past, and the fact it's in the sale isn't helping my desire to own it! Reduced from £75.00 to £55.00.

All of the Cath Kidston sale can be found here. Happy shopping and I'll see you tomorrow!

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