Thursday, 29 December 2016

7 Days of Sales Day 4 - Ohh Deer

It's time to feed our inner stationery addicts today with a browse through the sale items on the wonderful Ohh Deer. There are lots, and lots, of bargain cards to be found on the site, but I thought I'd focus on some of the other items for this post. 

This level arch file features one of my favourite designs from one of my favourite artists - Gemma Correll, so just had to feature in this list (this design is absolutely me trying to get up to go to work every day). The only thing to note here is the disclaimer on the site that there's a bit of an issue with the manufacturing of the folder and A4 paper sticks out of the top! But for £2.95, reduced from £8.95 it's still a bargain. 
- £8.95 to £2.95

This mint daily journal is so pretty - writing in it every day would be a joy! Reduced from £16.00 to £10.00. 

Another Gemma Correll design - this sloth to-do pad would certainly support my procrastination of annoying little jobs! Reduced from £5.95 to £4.50. 

I think I'm officially past the age where I can get away with wearing patches (although when I was younger I rocked the denim jacket and patches look..oh yeah) but that doesn't stop be collecting the odd one or two when they are awesome...I'm thinking of trying to do some embroidered designs with them...and I love this 'Bite-Me' Watermelon iron on patch to go in the collection. Reduced from £4.95 to £2.50.

You can view all sale items on Ohh Deer here.

Happy Shopping!

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