Monday, 26 December 2016

7 Days of Sales - Day 1 - Oliver Bonas

My first choice for the 7 Days of Sales post was Oliver Bonas. Largely because I flipping love the home-ware and accessories they sale...and sometimes find they can be a bit too much of an extravagance to be able to justify buying them. I'm trying to stay strong and not buy anything in the sales this year (honestly, I give myself a day before I cave in and fail), but if I was to shop then these would definitely be in my basket by now (all images from Oliver Bonas)...

Reduced from £18 to just £5 - these Cat-Eye Sunglasses are seriously retro and will be perfect for when the Spring sunshine arrives

I'm in love with most star/ constellation themed prints at the moment and this starry night scarf is no exception. Reduced from £45 to £35.

If your life needs more geometric shapes in it...perhaps while serving tea...then look no further than these very cute geo-teaspoons - reduced from £19 to £12. 

And last, but possibly my favourite, is this gorgeous travel purse. I love the mint and grey together and think I'd feel super organised if I used this on my travels. Reduced from £28 to £20.

So those are my top 4 items, but you can see all of the sales items by following this link: Oliver Bonas Sale.

Happy Shopping!


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