Saturday, 31 December 2016

7 Days of Sales Day 6 - Not on the High Street

I was spoilt for choice for sale items on Not on the High Street - so many beautiful items still available! Some of the discounts aren't huge but on items this lovely I'm still very tempted!

This penguin cushion quite honestly couldn't be any cuter - if you have friends or family with an anniversary any time soon I think this would be the loveliest present (as long as they don't have a fear of penguins - then it would suck). Reduced from £30 to £21.

After visiting a gin festival recently I've become fascinated with botanical gin and the different flavours it can pick up (and must try them all...naturally). This set looks perfect for starting to try and make my own infused gin. Reduced from £16 to £12.80.

I don't think this print needs an introduction - it's cats wearing glasses. 'Nuff said. Reduced from £13 to £10.40.

I'm still in love with all things triangular and these necklaces are no exception - so pretty! Reduced from £22 to £17.60.

And lastly - I literally love this backpack. I think I'd feel really organised and ready to go back to work in the New Year if I had this on my back. Reduced from £68 to £54.40.

You can view all of the gorgeousness that is the NotHS sale here.

Happy Shopping!

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