Friday, 21 January 2011

TFI Friday - Time for Inspiration

Wow I've had a difficult week. Work related I hasten to add. I could not be any happier that it's Friday if I tried.

Anyway, putting that officially to one side until Monday morning...

I'm organising my very first swap over at Craftster , and it's a Moomin themed swap (hurrah for Moomins!). As a child I had a love-hate relationship with the Moomin TV show...I loved the Moomins themselves, the designs and the stories but something about that show haunted my childhood dreams and for a while I absolutely feared it. As I grew older the fear turned to respect for the beauty and wisdom of the Moomin world and now I find them absolutely captivating. I thought I'd share a few Moomin pics from Flickr that I've found while searching for some swap inspiration...

Moomin father
I love Moominpappa and his stylish top hat.

Moomin Troll

This handmade Moomin is just adorable.

Moomin cupcakes

Moomins + cupcakes = love

Moomin card

I felt a bit like this during the past week

moomin 001

But I'm hoping the weekend will be a bit more like this.

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