Sunday, 13 February 2011

Stitches and Stuff

So apparently the amount of time I spend blogging is quite heavily influenced by just how stressed out I feel with my workload.

Perhaps not a surprising development, but one I feel a bit sad about none-the-less.

For the past few weeks I have reached a whole new level of stressed-out-dom. It's something I need to sort out though, and I've spent the majority of my weekend unwinding and trying to focus back in on the important things in life.

I find blogging to be a lot of here I am again :) I thought I would share a few piccies of a recent stitching adventure of mine for the Three Tiny Movies swap over at Craftster.

I present to you the Fight Club pincushion. In honour of the iconic soap. It was so much fun to make and my first attempt at sewing anything like it, so I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Next time I think I'd draw up a pattern beforehand avoid the "oh sh*t the pieces are never going to fit together" panic.

It helped that I seriously love that movie..I mean...seriously. I was also amused to see a bored housewives fight club in 30 Rock the other got me wondering what other fight clubs might exist :)

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