Monday, 3 January 2011

The Wings of the Dove

I think I'm becoming a bit of a hippy as I get older. Well actually, I think I was a bit of a hippy when I was younger (my mum was a firm believer that I should have been a child of the 60's and teen of the 70's). When I reached my adult years I let life events make me feel a bit jaded...and well...grumpy.

So it's a happy relief to feel like I'm getting back to my more peaceful ways.

Anyway, in a mellow and 'spread the love' moment last week I bought a few of these peace doves, made by Mayan artists as part of a free trade enterprise. They've arrived and are sooo sweet and tiny. I've written a little message for a few people in my life  - just a little 'good luck' message for 2011, but each with something I know they're hoping to achieve this year. Stuff like this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside these days.

See? I said I was becoming a hippy.

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