Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Random Review Wednesday - Big Up for the Big Blue

My taste in things is random to say the least - I love so many different things and I thought that a good way to share them would be to do a random review once a week. It could range from books, to films, to nail varnish or the latest cupcake of yumminess.

If I had to write a list of the ten companies/ shops I love the most in the world then Lush would have to be on it. The reasons for my adoration are many...their products are gorgeous, they are one of the most ethical companies I've come accross, they do good work for charity, they originate from the town I grew up in and...did I mention that their products are gorgeous...seriously?

It seemed like one of their products would be perfect for my first random review, so I present to you...

Photo from
Big Blue

I love this Ballistic..pop it into the bath while the water is running and it tranforms your bath into a blue lagoon...seaweed and all. The water turns the most gorgeous of blue, it smells like heaven (containing lavendar and lemon oil) and has actual little pieces of seaweed contained within - which soften in the water and makes my skin feel sooo soft. It's one of the most relaxing products I've tried from Lush and I totally recommend it. My only caution would be the seaweed because a) it can leave a bit of mess to clean up and b) some people find it icky.

 If you're too icked out by seaweed then check out Lush anyway - they have about a gazillion gorgeous products and are a company well worth you time.

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