Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mushroom Love

I just thought I'd share piccies of a couple of mushroom (or are they toadstools?) themed items I've made recently. I have no idea what it is I love about their red and white spottiness, but love them I do.

This pincushion was made using a chart from Cross Stitcher Magazine Although I'm happy with how cross stitch/ backstitch turned out, I think I messed up a bit on shaping the top of the pincushion. I had a go at hand sewing it (I fear the sewing machine...I really do), and I struggle at anything curved. Still, a cute place for pins nonetheless.

I also stitched this cute little mushroom girl using a pattern from a book I bought a few weeks ago called Felties. It's packed full of little cuties...I think I'll be making them all. I think my favourite part is the little red beads lining her cute.


  1. Hi, do you still have a copy of the graph for the mushroom pin cushion.. I want to make one.. thanks Kay

    1. Hi, I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply! I think I must still have it. One of my goals for May will be to sort out some of my patterns so I'll get in touch if I find it :)