Friday, 14 January 2011

TFI Friday - Time for Inspiration

Today I thought I would share some art that I adore and would very much love to decorate my oh-so-boring magnolia walls with..

The Wonder Kittens

The Wonder Kittens by berkley illustration (more on this artist later...)

Tea and Cake by amberalexander on Etsy kitchen wall neeeeds this print

Chickadees by badbird on Etsy ...does it get much cuter than chickadees? No, I thought not.

Under the Weather by arian on Etsy ..I love this...and feel a little bit like that owl today

Little forest bear care by thepoppytree on Etsy ...a print from this artist already hangs above the fireplace...I think it needs this design to keep it company

Sometimes I wish we didn't live in a rented fear of putting too many holes in the wall prevents me from buying too many of my current dreams is to have a wall of my very own, to put as many holes in as I like :)

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